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A pioneering 5 month, 2250KM walk right the way across Borneo island. We walked through Borneo to raise awareness about positive stories and projects on the island. It took us 137 to cross the Malaysian states of Sabah and Sarawak and Brunei.


Over 137 days we learned so much about the island of Borneo; its people and environment. We got to visit countless different tribes, cultures and study the fascinating history of the island. We heard and discovered hundreds of interesting stories.


We met many local musicians throughout the journey and got to learn about the rhythm and sounds of Borneo as told through the art of music.


Throughout our journey we visited a number of conservation projects, education projects, community empowerment projects, national parks and met many individuals who are working hard to help the people and environments of Borneo.



Click here to watch the documentary now. 




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