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3 friends walking 2250km in 137 days on foot with just a backpack, 2 feet, and a smile. 

A journey of discovery, learning, sharing, and connecting with the land and people of Borneo. This is the story of positive Borneo.

Alena Murang - Pemung Ja'e


Alena Murang performing Pemung Ja'e. Alena’s performances are a unique presentation of oral traditions, many of which have skipped a generation. 

Nomadic Lion Feat. Redy Eko Prastyo & Institut Napak - Journey 


The soundtrack to Walking Malaysia.

Matthew Ngau - Sape Leto Nemanai


Mathew Ngau talking about Sape and performaning "Sape Leto Nemanai"

Mathew Ngau is one of the foremost Sape players in the world and an icon for the World Rainforest Music Festival.


Eugene Sape - Titik Titik Kenai Ujan


Eugene Sape performing Tetek Tetek Enau Ujan; a song originally composed by the great, late Sape Master - Tusau Padan. 

Buduk Kusin - Pagong


Buduk Kusin, an elderly Penan lady performing a traditional song on the Pagong. The Pagong is a traditional Bamboo instrument of the Penan tribe, always played by women. 

Hezekiah Asim - Liling


Hezekiah Asim performing “Liling”, a traditional Kenyah song on the sape

Deepak Kshirsagar - Raga Todi

Deepak Kshirsagar performing Raga Todi at his house. 

Mooralala Marwada - Banjara

Mooralala Marwada singing Banjara live at his house in the small village of Dholavira in the Kutchh district of Gujarat.

Musical Keys - The Joy of Music

Musical Keys - Bringing the joy of music, movement and arts-based activities to local people with disabilities and other additional needs across Norfolk.

Walk of Joy Norfolk 2022

Walk of Joy Norfolk 2022 was a 200-mile, 21-day walk around the entire county of Norfolk, UK to fundraise in aid of local charity Musical Keys.

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